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Runs Dry

I’ve been tryyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng to understand you

but it makes no sense to keep demand you

Needs some times, a long time

too long for me

you seem to think  it’s fine..

I got to be free. you know I’ll be a free soul.

I got to, got to, got to be a free soul.


Cat: Mr. Peterson

Owner: Kara

Appearance: A

Mr. Peterson takes not only himself, but his appearance very, very seriously. He is all grey except for a few white patches that make it look like he’s wearing a kitty bikini. While he is a tad over weight (18 lbs) he holds himself with dignity and poise. Think Luciano Pavarotti.

Sociability: B

If I had to describe Mr. Peterson in one word it would be “passionate.” He likes sustained eye contact when you pet him and he likes it to be with some force.

Peterson will be anyone’s friend. At times he can be a little self-centered and demanding, but he doesn’t discriminate. If you want to pet him and get to know him he’ll be down with it. He does drool at times and lick your hand (this can get a little annoying after awhile) if you aren’t petting him aggressively enough for his taste, but he’s not trying to be a jerk. He just literally doesn’t understand that you could be doing anything else other than what he wants at any given moment. 

Sometimes he can be a little emo and sit in the middle of the floor and stare off into the distance for hours on end.

Usefulness: F

He is completely, completely useless. While he can help ease a hangover with his cuddliness, he stares at a bug if he sees it and sometimes even takes a kitty poo outside the litterbox.

Huggability: A

Mr. Peterson was born to be hugged. BORN TO BE HUGGED.

Overall Grade: C+

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